Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why should I vote Republican?

A comment from The Anchoress's post about Republicans:

I am a non-Republican conservative libertarian. While I am too young to be a Reagan Republican, I have grown attracted to Reagan’s philosophy that the government doesn’t hold the solutions to our problem, the government IS our problem.

I have a simple (open) request: tell me how your Republican of choice believes in smaller government.

Mitt Romney wants to spend Federal dollars to revitalize Michigan’s economy. McCain wrote the biggest and most useless infringement on free speech since the Alien and Sedition Acts. Huckabee has a spending list longer than his arm, and wants to dip the government’s hand even deeper into health care. Even if you can get past the fact that Guiliani is a serial adulterer, he is in no way a “conservative” (the Federal government has little business in the health care industry or school choice).

The comptroller of the US currently estimates that, if the goverment worked under business accounting rules, the federal deficit wouldn’t be $9 trillion (the official number), but $58 trillion. By failing to put back cash to pay for Social Security and Medicare’s expected outflow, by 2040 the current government will be bankrupt. My children will have to spend the entire Gross National Product of the US paying for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicade.

I want a Supreme Court that includes strict constructionists. I am strictly anti-abortion. However, a strict constructionist SCOTUS doesn’t help if we’re broke. At most, we have the next 10-15 years to fix the problems, yet none of this crew has any desire to think that there is a problem. We are past the “cutting 50 million in taxes” stage. Our government is functionally bankrupt, and we need REAL fixes, not “portable health care” or small tax cuts that won†™t be backed by spending cuts.

This crew of Republicans differs from the Democrats at most by degrees. Where is the real difference?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Urgent request for prayer

My grandfather went into the hospital Monday to get a knee replaced. They had to put the surgery off until Wednesday

to check out a heart arythmia. Last night (Thursday night/Friday morning), he quit breating and his heart stopped for at least 13 minutes (I didn't find out it was that long or this severe until my mom called a few minutes ago). The doctors are pretty sure he has serious to severe brain damage, but they can't test to find out the extent of the damage until Monday.

I'd appreciate it if you and the class could pray for him, my grandmother, and my father. If you could also pray for our family, I'd appreciate it. As the saying goes, I trust God to not give us more than we can bear, but I just wish God didn't trust me quite so much....

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A comment I left on Captain's Quarters

In this article about Ron Paul over at Captain's Quarters, I posted this as my comment. In case the good Captain doesn't see fit to approve it, here's the whole thing:

I grew up Democrat, but I haven't ever voted for a Democrat for President. My first vote was for Bob Dole against Bill Clinton, solely on moral grounds. I voted independant versus Gore and W, but then voted for Bush versus Kerry because I thought the latter was a slimeball. In return, we almost got Harriett Miers. Government hasn't shrunk a bit, and we have a Federal Reserve and Congress Hell-bent on trashing the dollar and leaving us with a Social Security & Medicare bill that in 2040 will be bigger than the country's GDP. All of the good talk towards conservative Christians evaporated before W raised his hand the second time. And let's not even talk about No Child Left Behind.

Now we have a "compassionate conservative" (Huckabee) telling us how to spend even more money. We have a serial adulterer (Rudy) who's more Democrat than Republican. To paraphrase JibJab, Romney has more waffles than a House of Pancakes. I'd like McCain if he hadn't supported the biggest infringement on the First Amendment since the Alien and Sedition Acts. I might be convinced for Thompson, if he wasn't a big supporter of McCain-Feingold the first time around (and if he acted like he really cared). Hunter might do, but he's got less support than Ron Paul.

Why should I care about these Republicans at all? At least Clinton or Obama can sell out to me. This generation of Republicans have talked abortion and marriage, but have been too busy spending money and growing the Federal government to care. And please don't mention the Supreme Court. Let's play name association: Reagan, Kennedy. Bush 1: Souter. Bush 2: Miers. The Republican presidents don't have a good track record here .

I'm done with "trust me". I want to see results. How will the Republicans handle the bankrupcy of Social Security and Medicare? How will the Republicans deal with a government that owes $58 Trillion in current and future liabilities? What are the Republicans going to do to reduce the Federal government? "I'm not Hillary Clinton" isn't good enough any more. I expect a Democrat to differ in degrees from HRC, not a Republican.

Until this Republican crew can come up with someone other than Ron Paul who acts something like a real Reagan Republican, then we deserve HRC or Mr. Obama.