Saturday, October 23, 2010

UK needs defensive coaches

  • Randal Cobb is either playing hurt or playing exhausted. Trying to carry an entire team on your shoulders is too much.
  • The UK offensive line needs some strength, but was mostly just outclassed by an excellent Georgia defensive line. They need to try to give Hartline just a little more help.
  • The UK offense committed 4 turnovers. Yes, that was very bad. OTOH, get behind by 14 points or more, and you have to take chances, and chances mean turnovers.
  • No one on the UK defense can tackle. Georgia players regularly got more yardage than they should have, because the UK person couldn't grab and hold.

    The entire UK defense should be put through tackling drills, and the defensive coaching staff should have to play the offense.
  • Update: I forgot that the Georgia Athletic Director should fine the Georgia coaching staff a week's pay. Ealey got hurt on an offensive play with a few minutes left. He walked off under his own power, but I told our neighbors that he should be done for the night. At that time, UK had a theoretical possibility of catching up, but not a practical one. A few plays later, Ealey was out there again and had to get escorted off the field again. The second time, UK was a dead duck; your record-making player had no business on the field.

    If I were AD at Georgia, I would have their coach in my office Sunday afternoon for a good yelling, at the very least.

Monday, October 18, 2010

You can't make money losing $10 per unit

If you count an iPad as a computer, Apple is now the #1 US computer maker. I would tend to agree with the idea: with iWork and a bluetooth keyboard, the iPad is now enough computer for most people.

Dell and HP dumped $400 crap on the market, and now they're paying for it. Dell and HP have reached the WalMart point: they can no longer undercut their competitors and drive them out of business. WalMart is now facing profitability issues, with Aldi and Krogers being very competitive here (and Meijers even pushing them hard).

Dell and HP are now stuck fighting it out in the junk market. Intel servers are now a commodity market, with IBM squeezing them on both the Intel and Power fronts. On a deal I saw, Intel had to basically tape money to the side of the Dell hardware to even get close to underpricing IBM Power7 hardware running DB2.

Apple chose to skip the under $1000 computer market, until it could release the iPad. Now it has the iPad and iPod touch in those markets, and both make money instantly. Instead of having a lineup where most of your sales lose money, Apple makes money everywhere. (For several years, Dell was a financing company paid by Intel to ship money-losing computers.)

The current stock valuations are insane. I wouldn't short Apple (the market can stay insane much longer than you can stay solvent), but a cheap put or 3 might make money. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if the Greater Depression 2.0 took Dell out completely.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

It couldn't have happened to a more deserving coach

Steve Spurrier got outcoached by Joker Phillips. It's 11 seconds, and Spurrier burns his last time out. If UK gets a sack with 5 or 6 seconds left, it's possible that South Carolina can't get their field goal team on the field.

It's nice to see Spurrier have to blubber his way through the post-game news conference. He showed how little class he has by blaming his players instead of taking responsibility for the game.

Update: I am rewatching the last 8 minutes, and I had forgotten where Spurrier wasn't watching the play clock and let his team get the delay of game. If he doesn't take complete and utter blame for losing, his Athletics Director should fire him.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Failure to Communicate

I am about to have a failure to communicate: I am losing my voice. I appear to have a cold or sinus infection that is moving into my vocal cords. I was sounding like a frog last night, and it's getting worse today. Now, I can speak, but just barely. My throat feels like I won't be able to talk at all tomorrow. Hopefully a lot of cold water and rest will sooth it.