Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Minor incident at the mall last night

Had to run for the bathroom. Given how my colon still hasn't 100% recovered from a mega-dose of antibiotics a couple of months ago (no, the yogurt didn't help...), I don't dare try to stretch it long. Fortunately, it was the women's bathroom and not the men's that was shut down for cleaning.

I sit down to think for a moment, and I notice the feet in the next stall. Nice flip-flops. And red nail polish.

Seems that one lady couldn't wait, and her boyfriend/husband/significant other escorted into and out of the bathroom in haste....

At first, I just figured that I'd gone to the wrong bathroom. Again. Seeing the stalls through the crack in the bathroom door fixed that worry, at least.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pre-game in decent seats

Going to the UK game

Little Miss and I scored 2 tickets to the UK-WKU game, thanks to my boss.

Little Miss has to go to class first, then we can leave for Louisville.

Just don't tell Milady we stopped at the Tolly-Ho for breakfast....