Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What the Apple TV 2 is, and isn't

This is one humble, "no insider knowledge", blogger's opinion.

The new Apple TV is Apple's next step in ruling the world.


Think Star Trek, Next Generation. When you're thirsty, you tell the computer to replicate a drink. When you want to watch a show, you pick up a PADD or look at a screen and access a file. Your food, your entertainment, your whole life is a collection of data that follows you around.

Now, put that in your hand. The iPhone and iPad replace the PADD. You have laptops and desktops that do the "sit down" work, like the Picard laptop or Geordi's workstations. Now, the Apple TV is there. Forget the iTunes rentals, that's just the now state. The killer feature is that you can "throw" a video from your iPad or iPhone (and probably iTunes later) onto a screen.

iOS is the new Lingua Franca. Join data and code, and you have an object. The object can run one place, then get pushed somewhere else. Watch the file bounce from your iPad to your laptop, then back, and then over to the AirPlay compatible projector. No wires.

The Apple TV is now just another node in the Apple Home Supercomputing Mesh.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wes Collins for the House

Been quite busy at work. Sorry, can't talk about it; I don't make fun of work, and they don't fire me. :)

Saw the following sight at a local WalMart:

If someone's willing to camp out at WalMart to support a candidate, then I'm willing to pay attention. According to his website, Mr. Collins is a Tea Party supporter, and very libertarian/constitutionalist. I like his positions.

We have had positive interactions with Ben Chandler, as I've documented here, but I can't support a Democrat in this election. I don't know Andy Barr, but if he's been mixed up with Ernie Fletcher, he doesn't have my vote either.

Looks like I'm writing in Wes Collins.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New "favorite for now" singer

I don't tend to have all-time favorite singers. There are just too many people who are just too good. However, I do tend to have "favorite for now" singers; people who I will listen to while excluding all others.

Hania Lee has reached that point. She's a neat Australian singer with a flair for absurdist songs. I am a sucker for absurdist songs, especially false-cheery absurdism. (Think "Always Look On The Bright Side of Life" as sung by crucifixion victims.)

Here is "Relax and Smile"

Update: I was trying to make this into a player, but the stupid thing downloads every time I hit the post. You get to click on it instead. Sorry.