Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Must-have Safari Extensions, part 2

I just found Plugin Customs, and it's become my new replacement for ClickToFlash. It takes every single plugin, not just Flash, and blocks it until clicked. You have to uninstall ClickToFlash before it works well, but that's a small price to pay.

Update: Plugin Customs 1.2 hates YouTube5, and ClickToFlash has been ported to an extension. I use both ClickToFlash and YouTube5 because YouTube5 is better at using HTML5 on YouTube itself, and I like that ClickToFlash can be set to not automatically load embedded videos. Even so, I can see that ClickToFlash and YouTube5 are the two extensions are most likely to fight.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Must-have Safari Extensions

I've upgraded to Safari 5.0.1, and extensions are the cat's meow. I love them. I'm going to rank my must-have extensions in order.

ClickToFlash - Technically, this isn't a Safari 5 extension yet, but an older plug-in. I don't care. It just stops Flash from starting automatically. This is much less necessary with AdBlock and YouTube5, but it still helps contain the Flash damage.
(See next post.)

YouTube5 - I joined the YouTube HTML5 video beta early. but it didn't do any good for most commercial videos or embedded videos. Then I discovered this extension. You have to quit the YouTube HTML5 beta, but you get HTML5 videos everywhere, even on embedded videos out in the wild. This extension and ClickToFlash will save my CPU from burning itself up.

autocomplete - A lot of places don't want you to autocomplete their passwords. On my Mac, I have my keychain secured with a secure passphrase. As best I can tell, the keychain is reasonably secure with it, so I would rather keep my passwords there. This one lets me do that.

adblock - It does. Practically no ads slip through any more.

There's some other extensions I'm still deciding if they rank as "must-have" or not. I'll let you know that later.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This Is Not the FBI

Even so, I will post this image in solidarity to the stupidity at the FBI.

A link to the news article about the problem.