Monday, August 14, 2006

Why I'm Not a Conspiracy Theory Nut

Number 1 Son loves to watch shows about alien conspiracies. Milady and I have been working too well on instilling a libertarian streak in him: he doesn't trust the government to tell the truth. How he can also claim to be a good Democrat too, I'm not sure... ;)

I would use my own words, but daveschoder summed it up so well over in this comment at SlashDot:

We can't keep any of our classified programs secret; we have people coming out of the woodwork at AT&T and within the intelligence agencies themselves to leak every possible program we've got going on in the "war on terror", but yet we can manage to keep it secret that the government itself directly planned and executed 9/11 and also murdered 3000 of its own citizens, despite millions of pages of evidence to the contrary, Islamic extremist organizations the world over, and so on - this is getting better than Holocaust denial!

Like I've told Number 1 Son: Nixon and the plumbers couldn't keep a simple break-in secret. I used to suspect that the mafia had killed Oswald, but even the mafia couldn't keep that kind of secret. No, there's no way 200+ people have kept the Aliens secret at Area 51, or that Dub and crew fixed the WTC buildings, etc.

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Derek Gilbert said...

Good point, but remember, we wrestle not against flesh and blood. Add the supernatural element -- and as Christians, by definition we believe in the supernatural -- and everything is possible.