Friday, June 1, 2007

The Death of the Republican Party?

The bloggers have turned. LaShawn Barber, the Captain (of Captain's Quarters), Heading Right (seconded, and again, and again), Peggy Noonan, and even Karol over at Alarming News are stirred up.

I voted for George Bush because I believed that, as non-conservative he is, John Kerry was worse. If it weren't for the judges (and conservatives had t o scream to stop Meyers), I would completely repent. As it is, John Kerry couldn't have been much worse.

We have a government that is bankrupt, a currency that's two or three steps away from toilet-paper hyperinflation, and an economy that is pushed against the wall by predatory undercutting by China and India. We don't need No Child Left Behind 2, Amnesty 2, or the Lizard Queen (a.k.a. Hillary).

King George had the perfect opportunity to do a drastic government overhaul at 9/11. He could have said "the Federal Government needs to defend us. We're building a fence at the borders, we're sending illegals home PERIOD, and we're going to focus on getting ourselves out of debt, off of oil, and getting competative overseas. The states will have to do roads, schools, and welfare, but the Federal Government is going to lower taxes enough to pay for it."

Did even one of these happen? No. Dr. Paul might do this, and Mr. Huckabee comes the closest after him. Otherwise, the rest ( Democrats and Republicans alike) sound just like Roman senators arguing about which circus to change while the Visigoths are at the city walls.

A pox upon all their houses.

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