Saturday, September 27, 2008

Who won the debate?

So, who won the McCain-Obama debate? I think it's a draw. Mr. McCain certainly was on the attack, but he wasn't mean. He did rattle Mr. Obama, which surprised me some. OTOH, Mr. Obama certainly was able to give up his teleprompter and actualy speak. If there was one sound bite that conservative talk shows will run with, it's all of the "I agree with Senator McCain" type statements.

I could tell their ages and generations. McCain was all "Senator Obama" this and "Senator Obama" that, while it was "John" this and "John" that. My mother, Miss Manners that she is, would have had my hide for talking to an older man that way. I know it's more casual in life now, but I just can't help thinking that things didn't improve.

So, did you actually change your mind because of this debate? I didn't. I'm still voting for Bob Barr. Even if those square glasses of his look like old women's glasses....

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