Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My tax dollars at work

We didn't get any bills or Netflix envelopes yesterday, so the mail sat on the counter until this evening. After opening the Netflix envelopes (gotta find out what happened after the 4th season of CSI: Miami), I checked the rest out. There, in white "US Official Business only" glory, was a letter. From the Census Bureau. Telling me that I was going to get my census forms next week, and that I needed to fill them out.

The Census Bureau spent about a dollar printing a custom letter for my address, stuffing it into an envelope, and mailing it, just to tell me that my census form was coming soon. Wow, that's 100 million tax dollars down the drain. Thanks, China, for funding that.

That said, I certainly support the "I am an American" racial choice, and will be checking it for the entire Packrat family. I can't tell which racial groups are in my family, why should the government care?

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