Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A comment made

AndyO said: I’m not worried that the “conservative” machine is angling to put up another easily manipulated idiot like Dubya as their candidate for president. I’m not worried that each of these idiots seems willing to march lockstep to the orders of Big Money.
I take no comfort in how they seem to have no worries about alienating more and more voters.
What scares me is that they expect to win. And there must be a reason they think they can win the next round of elections IN SPITE OF THE MAJORITY.

I know I'm sure looking forward to an administration where most of the people running Treasury, State, the Federal Reserve, the White House intellegence structure, and various advisory boards are filled by people who haven't worked for (or taken a lot of money from) Goldman Sachs. I certainly don't want a president who has taken over $1 million in donations from Goldman Sachs employees.

Oh, wait, sorry. I just described the Obama administration.

Big Money has made very sure that they own all of the significant politicians for both parties. If I dare say it, there's only one politician who might be free of the bankers (his initials are RP), and even he has been a politician long enough to accumulate a few earmarks.

Why rob banks? That's where the money is. Now, the banks rob governments, because we insist on letting the government have its hooks on so much of us.

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