Monday, June 17, 2013

Heidi Yewman gets the Vapors

One of Ms. Magazine's authors got the vapors trying to carry a gun. I commented on her inability to handle basic gun safety in a comment not likely to get posted:

My dear Ms. Yewman, you are showing the whole world why the Victorians thought women had the vapors and were too delicate for any activity more involved than needlework and cucumber sandwiches. Your entire article is “I am too scared to do this right and too proud to admit it.” If you believe that you’re a good feminist, you should turn in your card right now and go join the local Sarah Palin fan club (although those ladies could at least help you learn how to handle that gun better).

Our history has been full of people who refused to treat others like children. Some of us enslaved an entire set of people because they were “not capable” of personhood, but then the entire country shed blood to prove that set wrong. Women rejected the concept that they were too delicate to participate in the political process, and finally got the vote.

And now, at the pinnacle of personal capability, you spend an entire article basically whining that the entire country, including Tony, didn’t stop you from being too stupid to read a simple manual. This is on the order of a parent screaming “No one told me that I shouldn’t let my kid drink lye and pour it on his face” or “but the store SOLD me that rat poison”.

Yes, I said a manual. All guns sold in the US have them. Every problem you’re having is entirely caused by failing to read the instructions. If you don’t have it, call Glock at 770-432-1202 or go back to Tony and have him get one for you.

IMHO, you should revoke your own right to vote, break out the corset, and make sure not to be seen out in strong sunlight. You don’t deserve a single privilege of “women’s lib”.

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