Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hope it continues

Yesterday, Number 1 Son went with me to Casey County in the morning to pick up the 1/2 of a beef that my dad had had packed for us. He wouldn't say it directly, but my whole family has been a bit disturbed by my habit of falling asleep when driving tired (imagine that...). I think he was afraid I'd be too tired to drive straight.

Milady wasn't happy for the two of us to head out at 6:30 AM, but out we went. We had to drive by my parents' house to get a second copy of the map to the packing house, then head most of the way in Liberty. When we got to my parents' house, Number 1 Son insisted on calling Milady and telling her we were there. Then he did it again when we got to the packing house.

"Son, why did you call Mom?"

"She was really worried about us, so I wanted to make sure I called."

"She wasn't really that worried."

"Yes, she was, Dad, so I wanted to call."

As Milady said, we can only hope that he keeps this up when he's 16 and out with friends....

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