Wednesday, April 25, 2007

UK Benefits -- Milady is Disappointed

Milady isn't disappointed about the fact that UK is extending "partner" benefits to live ins (i.e. same-sex committed pairs and non-married opposite sex pairs). If anything, both Milady and I would prefer that employers simply say "You'll pay all costs, but we will insure anyone who lives in the house with you". This would take sexual preference out of it, and instead cover family members or friends who live together for non-sexual purposes (i.e. two sisters live together as old maids, etc.).

No, Milady wanted to get her degree. UK employees get 6 hours a semester free, and there were high hopes that they'd extend those benefits to spouses and children. Instead, the UK employee can either get the 6 hours, or the spouse or child may get 50% off tuition and fees. Very useful for kids, but where Milady wanted to take 1 or 2 classes for free, that won't work.

Oh, well....

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