Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Obama Starts the Selling

Melinda Henneberger over at Slate notes that the Catholic Bishops don't want to own hospitals that perform abortions. Ms. Henneberger is surprised that Mr. Obama might be willing to sell out on his pro-life Christian supporters. (The ilk at Vox Populi (including myself) are commenting on this surprise. I'm posting too.) This is after Mr. Obama has picked pro-war people like Robert Gates and Hillary Clinton for his Cabinet, making the anti-war moonbats start melting down. The rich people tax hikes and healthcare for all have disappeared too. I'd even mention the no free puppy, but that would be piling on....

I had no doubt that many would get sold out by Mr. Obama, because you had too many groups getting too many implied (or explicit) promises. Since there's no way the hard left fringe will turn Republican in 2012, they're going to get tokens, just like the small-government Republicans under Bush. At least as a rightist libertarian, Mr. Obama will tend to sell out in my direction... :)

If Mr. Obama manages 8 years, the hard-core left will have the Battered Voter syndrome feeling that the libertarian/small government wings of the Republican party has felt since Reagan's second term (and some would argue first term).

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