Saturday, January 3, 2009

Watching Tin Man

I am paying attention to the classics.... I just finished Fall Out for The Prisoner, so I'll start re-watching the series and commenting on it here. But first, we watched the 4 hour (really 3, plus commercials) version of Tin Man tonight. I watched some of the 6 hour version earlier, and I just couldn't get interested.

The 4 hour version worked better, but it was still a 2 star effort. Zooey Deschanel had two expressions, and neither of them were appropriate for any scene. I started to want her to die, Jar-Jar style. The director wants you to know that Kathleen Robertson has cleavage. Since she didn't want to act for him, he must be trying to distract you. Alan Cumming recycled his performance from Spy Kids 1, and not in a good way. (By the way, special effects guys, if you're going to take half a brain out of a fellow, don't show the brain in the jar as a whole brain....) Richard Dreyfuss was completely and utterly wasted here.

The 3 hour run should have been a 3.25 hour run. OTOH, it's clear from the fact that it was a decent cut that the 4.5/6 hour cut must have been awful. I just don't care enough to go back and see.

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Nobious said...

I can't stand watching those Sci-Fi channel specials, myself. They just look awful to me! It's often like watching an episode of the newer Outer Limits.