Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We've lost two great actors

I didn't realize that both Ricardo Montalban and Patrick McGoohan have died. Wired has an article that links in a very nice video by McGoohan about the end of the show. I like how he admits that he didn't have an ending to the series until the very end... :) He was loyal to his wife, to the point of refusing any love scenes. He also is a Christian, having originally studied to be a Roman Catholic priest.

Also, YouTube has a video up with Mr. Montalban talking about his career. Skip to 21 minutes into the video, when he's talking about reading the Wrath of Khan script. I love Mr. Montalban's humility in saying "I being getting acquainted with the character.... and to my despair, I sound to me like Mr. Roarke. They're going to laugh me off the screen." He stayed with his wife and was a practicing Roman Catholic Christian. He even was 10 times more buff at 60 (yes, in Wrath of Khan that's his own chest) and even 70 than I am at 35...

It's interesting that this nice Protestant packrat admires two good Catholic men. So be it.

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