Thursday, June 10, 2010

A tragedy? I'm not sure

Abby Sunderland may be lost at sea. Earlier, I agreed with Timothy at Freespace that she should not have been allowed to go, but now I'm not so sure.

We brainwash 18 year olds into becoming killing machines. We give 18 year olds the power to vote, and expect them to be legally capable of rational decisions. Children are expected to have sex, just like adults, and are expected to use methods to avoid the natural results, just like adults do. 16 year olds are now expected to be convicted as adults in most politically-charged crimes.

Jews call boys men at 13. 60 years ago, women not married at 16 were on their way to being old maids.

If Miss Sunderland doesn't know Jesus, this will be a tragedy, but only because she died a sinner.

We expect our kids to live in an adult world, but to be children past 30. The more sheepdogish I get, the more I respect a younger person wanting to be mature. If Miss Sunderland dies, at least we can say she lived first.

Update: It seems that she's OK, just adrift and needing rescue.

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