Monday, March 21, 2011

NCAA insanity

Bruce Pearl has been fired. I played an extremely minor roll in the PR front here: Wikipedia's Bruce Pearl site got vandalized, and I rolled back the changes. No matter my opinion of Mr. Pearl, he didn't need to have that problem.

As for my opinion of him: he's a good coach with a mediocre personality. He needs to be punished for making such a blatant lie, but after a couple of years he needs to left alone. Somewhere far away from Kentucky.

As for real idiots, Texas Tech is hiring Billy Gillespie. They really are insane. Billy G. combines all of Bobby Knight's bad points (and there are a lot of them) with none of Bobby's coaching skills. They will regret it.

What about VCU? They are ruining my brackets. Good for them.

Three ACC in the 16, and Big East with 2. Very disturbing. Wish the SEC had not bombed so badly.

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