Thursday, July 14, 2005

Insurance blues, and commenting on the negatives

Since I hadn't taken any time off of for the change last Friday, and just worked a couple of hours on a pre-planned change, so I took off today. The contractor did show up, but the plumber didn't. (I guess one out of two is OK.) I didn't quite get the entire downstairs fixed, but I did get 5 or 6 rows done (I lost count), as well as the entrance door's boards. That leaves me with around 10 boards left to place. I thought I'd be able to get them tomorrow morning, but I don't think an early morning is happening now. :)

The hardest part of my life right now is having to deal with the insurance adjuster. The contractor wants to tear the entire bathroom out, including the tub (to replace the subfloor underneath the tub), and he's already mentioning that the adjuster might not pay for it all. In the scheme of things, this isn't a lot.

Milady's niece is a social worker in the Kentucky Mountains, and she's dealing with parents hopped up on Oxycotin and meth. She says that so many parents up there involved in methanphedine production and consumption that she doesn't see how any kids in the area will be able to grow up normal. Living in a place that can blow up if someone breathes on the lab equipment the wrong way at the wrong time can't be all that healthy...

Our neighbors have a household falling apart. I can't talk about the details, but it's a mess. Please pray for all of them.

We still grieve with our friends in London. I pray that loved ones are found and brought back to their families.

Finally, there is Sudan, Zimbabue, and so many other places where man willfully violates the will of God by mistreating his fellow man.

It's enough to want to say "Come, Lord Jesus!" And it makes some problems with a bathroom floor seem rather trivial.

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