Monday, July 25, 2005

Requests for Prayer

We've got several requests for prayers in the queue:

  • Our next-door neighbor's father's death has been imminent for several days now. Saturday, he had what appears to be a near-death vision of Hell. Our neighbor called her minister, who visited him for over an hour Saturday, and who accepted his confession of faith. He needs prayers for peace and gentle passing.

    Also, our neighbor's family needs our prayers. They have let sin step into their lives, and haven't repented of it. Now, they're suffering some of the consequences. We think they are starting to realize this more, so please pray that the Lord helps them, and helps Milady and I as we work to show them all God's love.

  • Milady got one of those infamous 5PM Friday letters from the doctor saying that her mammogram wasn't irregular, but couldn't be called normal either. She did manage to get ahold of someone today around noon who could tell her that there was a tissue fold in the first exam, so they just needed to do another to be sure everything was checked right. Since her mother and sister have both died of cancer, Milady is understandibly nervous about anything approaching cancer. Please pray for peace for her.

  • Sandy Tucker of the Galilean Children's Home in Casey County, Kentucky is quite ill. Please look at the newsletter on their site for more information, and then pray for the Tuckers and consider a donation if God so leads.

Thanks everyone.

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