Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Joe the Plumber for President

To quote Bill Bennett, this is the most people have talked about plumbers since Nixon....

I thought Bob should leave and bring Joe onto the stage. He was the real third man on the stage.

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Jason Manuel said...

I am currently staying in Kentucky during the election. I'm glad I'm a primary resident of Florida where my vote for Obama will count!

It seems like most voters in Kentucky believe in Reaganomics/trickle-down economics which have been proven ineffective time and time again.

Are you a pure conservative that believes Capitalism is the answer? Corporations and executives have proven much too greedy the past eight years with huge tax breaks but no trickle down for the employees. Sometimes the government needs to step in and regulate.

Although Kentucky is a little backwards, I'm glad the rest of the nation is finally starting to come around for Obama. Check out the latest at and