Saturday, October 11, 2008

Let me get this straight

While the rest of us are watching  our 401ks, the legislators in Alaska have enough time on their hands to put out a report that's all things to all people. When you can't even get a single talking head on Anderson Cooper to think it's a serious issue, it's time to go back to the well.

As best I can tell, Palin's brother-in-law is a dangerous, somewhat unstable fellow. Mr. Palin likes her family, and saw an opportunity to try to help them out. The Public Service Commissioner was from another branch of the Republican party, didn't like Mrs. Palin, and saw an opportunity to tweak her "for free". That put him on her bad list. Then, \ she and the Public Service Commissioner butted heads again over hiring troopers. Maybe he thought too much of himself, maybe he just couldn't hire more troopers no matter what. Either way, he's on the list so it's time to go.

Sounds like office politics, not "high crimes and misdemeanors". To quote Carville, this dog doesn't hunt.

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