Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Pope Benedict, and St. Malachy

TheAnchoress has covered this much better than I, and I admit to having a bit less interest than she does. That said, I have been fascinated by Saint Malachy O'Morgair's prophesies. TheAnchoress links to this article, which proports to predict the taking of the name Benedict.

Mr. Conte made this prediction, but he fully admits that some of his other predictions are wrong. I don't know if Malachy is right, or if "Peter the Roman" is the last pope. Nonetheless, I think Mr. Conte pushes his use of 2 Kings and Ezekiel to justify his position that there is 500 years left until Christ's return. Mr. Conte may even be right, but his arguments cannot be defended by his quotes of the Bible.

All end-times writers are human, and many have serious errors (even Hal Lindsay latched too tightly t o Nassar). We first trust God and the Scriptures, then if we can find wisdom in man's writing, so much the better.

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