Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Too many new toys

Blogging may be a bit light this week. At work, we are getting a new pSeries 570, and installing 2 more full CPU drawers into one already in use, and then moving a couple of drawers from the latter 570 to the new one and one other. It's a whole lot of work.

At home, the blog is doing well living nicely with my home server, but my spam filter program (dspam) won't play nicely with anyone else. It's a CPU and memory hog.

I'm going to take the machines I bought at auction (see "I almost got a hernia for this?" below) and turn one into a dedicated database server, and the second into a mail machine. Then, the current "www.kypackrat.com" will give up its database and just be a web server. This should stop dspam from hogging the blog's resources.

I don't want to even think about needing to study for the GRE so I can apply to gradua te school to start on my masters, or getting letters of recommendation for the same, or that I have an idea for story* bouncing around in my head. I suspect I'll start reaching that "what was I thinking" level again soon....

*I have had dreams about writing professionally for several years now. Of course, you actually have to be able to write something that someone wants to read. There's some nice person at msnbot.msn.com who likes to read me a lot, at least. ;)

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