Friday, June 3, 2005

A Bad Sound

Milady and I worked all day yesterday on getting the first fourth* of the room covered in laminate. Today, we spent about as long, and got all but 1 row of the rest done. Appearantly, we managed to pick the hardest part of the room first, plus I didn't learn several tricks until today.

At 11:30 tonight, I was putting the final touches on the next to last row of boards, musing that, since the flooring isn't quite straight, the last board will be small in spots. As I mused, I walked. Then I heard a crunch.

Pops are OK, they mean that a board wasn't quite seated right, and your weight has fixed it. A crunch, on the other hand, is bad. Very bad.

I turned around, and on the fifth and sixth rows from the end, there was a raised spot, like a nail sticking up. We did our best to find all of the carpet nails in the floor, but it seems that there was one left, and I found it too late.

Since I didn't want to stress Milady, I started taking the laminate apart. The first three rows seperated out fairly easily. The rest I only took out the boards I needed to reach for the repair. Fortunately, the nail damaged full-sized boards, so all I had to do was pop out the two damaged boards, replace them with new ones, and then put it all back. More easily said than done.

Now, I'm just unwinding a moment before I go to sleep. I'll sleep until 8 or so, and then finish the room. And I mean it this time.

*This shows my geek age. I almost said "forth".

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