Friday, June 10, 2005

Pain for fashion

My sister has at times been a slave to fashion. One New Year's Eve, we watched her kids while her hubby and she went to a New Year's Party. She dropped the youngsters off in near-freezing weather in the proverbial "small black dress" and heels. She was turning pale and her whole face was about to frostbite, but she was fashionable.

I always thought that I'd manage not to be that silly about my clothing, until my heel started hurting. As dense as I was, I it took me a while to connect the dots: my favorite black boots didn't have enough padding in the heels, nor enough arch support. Both feet are rail-flat, and a shoe without arch support just hurts.

A quick side-trip to Wal-Mart this morning, and I picked up set of ProFoot triad Orthodontic supports. I've tried other arch support pads, but they never did seem to help a lot. These do seem to help. I walked about a mile today (there and back) for lunch, and my feet don't hurt any more. Maybe these will be enough. They had b etter be, I like my black boots. They're my kind of fashion. :)

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