Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Milady Has Painted Little Miss' Room

While getting the floor, we decided to repaint the kids rooms too. Milady will paint the walls and (in Little Miss' room, put up a fairy border), and I'll refloor it. Little Miss wanted a yellow color for her room, and we bought it. Today, Milady put it on.

It's yellow. Very yellow. It's flurescent yellow. It's fire-engine yellow (you know, that 80s yellow that was supposedly better to see than red). It's bright. The fairy border helps make the trim and the walls blend, and helps mute the yellow, but it's still bright.

Did I mention it was bright?

I have to take the three-day weekend and get the hallway, Little Miss' room, and the stairs done with flooring. I'm going to focus on getting the downstairs stairs done, so I can know what the stairs will require, and then do Little Miss' room if we will have enough to do the hall and the lower stairs too.

One of these days, we will have the house done with, I guess.

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