Monday, June 27, 2005

Spammers Go Home

I know they won't read this, but I just have to say this:

If you run a poker site, are selling loan refinancing, or have porn to sell, PLEASE don't bother commenting here. I have set links to not add pagerank on Google, so they don't help you. I'm not even a La Shawn Barber or even a Jeff H. Even if you get through the comments moderation, no one will be interested in clicking on the link.

You've made me turn on those annoying captchas (you know, the odd shaped letters on a colored background) on old comments. I hate them, but I'll use them to keep you off.

Now please, just go away.

To everyone else, I'm sorry if the captchas make things annoying to you, but I'm spending more time fighting comment spam than writing. If I don't get the comment spam stopped, I'll start coding on a spam blocker, and nothing will kill this blog dead than me wanting to code on it. ;)

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