Sunday, February 5, 2006


The dog just made me lose the first ads of the Halftime. You didn't miss much.

Now the talking heads are talking. Blah.

8:03PM: Code Black is still a Bad Thing. I guess.

"We;re going to hell. Because we're Jews". Sons and Daughters. It will be stupid, because it will try to be too edgy.

Lost: I like "Addicted to Love". They've mucked to make it sound like it says "Addicted to Lost". Argh.

Now we get to see old guys play rock songs. Cool.

8:07PM: At least Mick Jagger doesn't look like he's lip syncing.

Have to shed a bit of the food from the appetizers, so I'll listen to them from the bathroom.

8:20PM: The Evidence is being advertised again.

Now we're back to locals, nothing original there, except a Darryl Isaacs commercial. He's a local ambulance chaser who looks more like a cross between a football linebacker and Guido.

Back to nationals. Grays Anatomy is Code Black again.

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