Sunday, February 5, 2006

Second Half

8:25PM I'm going to DisneyWorld. So am I (next year, maybe), it's just going to cost me $2000....

8:32PM: Huge touchdown for the Steelers. Nice.

Gotta go to the bathroom on the plane, and now you're stuck. Ameriquest has another good one (the doctors were better).

The asteroid erodes. Oh, "pebl". It's good that Motorola's current phone came from outer space, they can't make money selling phones from anywhere else.

Captain Hook gives out autographs. He's obviously making that liberal arts degree pay off.

Another Lost ad. I just can't care.

8:42PM: Wow. 10 Minutes without a commercial. Nice. Seattle needs to score, bad.

More Clydedales. This one is sweet, at least. Nothing like a little horse doing the big horse's job.

Fabio gets old fast. I saw this one before now, but it is hilarious. "Live comes at you fast." Good, but not as good as when M. C. Hammer goes broke 15 minutes later.

The old timer wants the old times, when you checked scores on the internet. Haha.

8:49 Time Out

Godzilla-style monster falls in love with giant robot. How very manga-ish. And you get a Hummer. I always knew there was something wrong with them.

People in biohazard suits. They've obviously been around the Packrat household right now. No, just Target cleaners.

Unscripted show. From Lorne Michaels. Sons and Daughter. I knew it'd stink.

Just back from timeout, and Seattle gets the interception and make a 50 yard + return. That's the big play they needed. (Then a touchdown a couple of minutes later.)

8:55PM: The monkeys are back. And his friend works for donkeys. Cute.

Now nerd boy in cool car finds nerd girl, and has Taco Bell. Adam West narrating is an extra touch.

I missed a SlimFast commercial there. I don't notice Optra, since I can't drink it (I'm allergic to NutraSweet.)

Sons and Daughters is going to be VERY stupid.

9:01: The razor commercial is still stupid.

Anthony Hopkins as a speed-hungry au ssie is a strange choice.

So why did they try to flood a Toyota Takoma? And do you REALLY think it just drove away?

9:06PM: The kids and I swept and cleaned the floor a bit for Milady. Wow, they're skipping another commercial opportunity, but they did mention Gray's Anatomy in the show.

9:15: Did I miss one? I was helping Milday clean.

A Benny Hill reference in a Sprint commercial? Very strange.

The rest are local, I think, and not worth mentioning.


Stunt City: Nothing says "Deoderant" like a guy coming through a glass roof.

"Even druids like Emerald Nuts" What?

Paul McCartney is now selling Fidelity Investments. What a sell-off.

Michael J Fox is back on Boston Legal. Good to see him working.

9:28: A reverse pass. Impressive.

Budweiser being poured by the stand pictures. CGI graphics #2, but not as good as the Fedex one.

"We can't leave Jack behind.... Never mind, let's go." I liked the original Pirates of the Cari bean, so I'm somewhat impressed.

MacGyver is back! And he uses Debit MasterCard. I always knew it, myself. MacGyver wasn't a credit kinda guy.

9:34: Another mobile ESPN commercial. Yawn.

Missed the rest of them cleaning, but they weren't good. Nothing lost there.

9:40 The real world series happens in March.

Repeating the "sequel".

Monday Night Football's moving to ESPN. I would care if I ever watched MNF.

This one's old. When you want that one certain teddy, it's gotta be the same teddy. What that has to do with minivans, I don't know.

9:54: "Running Scared". They really didn't wanted to describe what I'd do to this movie.

That guy really should have gotten thrown out of outback.

Westin doesn't smoke. Good to know that.

We still have a Code Black.

10:03PM : Seattle basically falls apart at the end....

And the special ads are done.

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