Monday, February 6, 2006

Selling out

As you can notice to the right, I've included some links to under my Amazon Affiliates account. Anything purchased will go to pay for my bandwidth and/or hosting costs.

The first book I currently have listed is Motel of the Mysteries. This book is a hilarious satire of archaeology, with the protagonist doing an Egyptian-style archaeological dig of a tomb of very important people of Usa (i.e. the permanent residents of the Toot And Come-In Motel!). Motel of the Mysteries is a good tool for understanding that science "fact" is based a lot on the scientist's assumptions (something terribly useful for Creationist parents to share with their children).

The second is Dave MacKenzie's album Solo. Milady and I are great fans of the blues, and MacKenzie is one of the best guitarists I've heard in a long time. Plus, you just have to respect a fellow who will go to a festival and play a song with "I like great big figures when I'm looking at the bottom line" in a song named "Big Ol' Girls" ;).

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