Sunday, February 5, 2006

Live-Blogging the ads

Last year, I did a commercial wrap-up. This year, I decided to live-blog the commercials.

6:30PM EST: I haven't watched the pre-game ads, so it's all new.

Bud lights all around: Everyone's tearing the office up to find them. Not very original.

Burger King does a 50s musical with burger parts. All of the Burger King "King" commercials worry me. They give me flashbacks to Queen Bee, the Burger Queen character of the Mid-80s, and that brings Druther's "Andy Dandytail" to mind too. For flashbacks like that, I deserve to at least have done enough drugs to have earned them. ;)

More next commercial.

6:39PM EST:

Sierra Mist: The TSA people steal his Sierra Mist, threatening him with a bit of a body search. You know airport security REALLY acts that way.

Bud Light's Magic Fridge: Cute. Why not just buy some more beer though?

16 Blocks: Yawn.

Halftime Show Commercial: If the Rolling Stones wanted to watch themselves, they'd be banned from the field. Heh e.

Rest in the extended body.

6:47PM EDT: Good grief, lot of kicking in the game. Good thing I really don't care about it.

Toyota Hybrid Car. Huh? I watched it, and it still doesn't make a lot of sense. "Dad, why didn't you put money in my college fund?" "I bought this car for your future."

Cave Man Package: Interesting, in an evolutionary nonsense kind of way. Definitely nominated for "Best CGI" category.

Grizzly bear attack: Yet another way giving someone a Bud Light saves the world.

6:51PM EDT: More kicking.

V for Vendetta: It won't be good, but the trailer sure looks good. They could only afford 15 seconds.

diet Pepsi: Catchy, but really weird. A diet Pepsi can singing hip-hop. The can at least sings better than the real singles.

News commercial. Blah, blah, blah.

Back to the game. Maybe they can get a first down this time. (Before I hit save, Seattle did. Yay.)

6:59PM EDT: Field Goal. Yay.

Leonard Nemoy Aleve: Wow, Nempy act ually did "the sign". Amazing what some real money will get one to do.

"That killed him": OK, Ameriquest has a winner. A young doctor uses the paddles to kill a fly and says "That killed him" just as the patient's wife and kid walk into the room. Definitely on my list for favorites.

Cleaning the gutters: Yet another Bud Light commercial. Yikes. One guy falls through his roof. That's why Milady won't let me on the roof.

"Lost": I just can't get into it, and I liked Twin Peaks.

7:04PM: Almost missed the commercials again:

Diet Pepsi: A movie with Jackie Chan... the stunt double is a diet Coke, and it gets stompted. Cute 15 second, but they're about to push the concept into the ground.

Cars: Oh, is that movie going to be SO GOOD.

Dancing with the Stars: Yawn

I think the next is a local Ford commercial. Not original at all.

7:07PM: Wow, they actually skipped a chance to have a commerical. I'm astonished.

7:12PM: Another kickoff... No res t for the blogger.

Clydesdales playing football, and other animals flashing the game. I didn't need to see that either.

The oblivious guy watching his phone: Huh? I'm not sure I get it. Oh, Mobile ESPN. I still don't get it.

Gray's Anatomy: Code Black must be really bad, but I just can't get enough energy to care.


Monkeys running the company: I've never worked for this kind of place, but I've seen them work. It's not fun.

Fashion Model unmelting from the runway: Cadillac is trying way too hard to be something other than an old people's car brand. Haven't they heard that SUVs are bad?

United way and NFL: babies are always cute.

7:20: Interception and commercial. MI-3. Phillip Seymour whatshisnmae is REALLY creapy. He makes such a good bad guy. Only 15 seconds though, and it's got that guy who likes to jump on Oprah's couches.

I love these Dove commercials, "True Colors". Very sweet, and a very good thing to help offset the "supermodel or ugly" view the media and porn reinforces.

ABC is trying to out-CSI CSI with "The Evidence". I like the Rob guy, but this sounds like a loser.

7:26PM The Shaggy Dog: Every time I think Tim Allen has fallen farther into the career commode, he digs just a bit deeper.

Kermit being outdoors: didn't know that Kermit was such an outdoorsman. "I guess it's easy being green". Ford Escape. Ha.

Finally, a beer commercial that isn't dense. Just stupid.

Shaq advertising Desperate Housewifes. I watched it 5 seconds ago, and I've already forgotten it all.

7:35PM: Time-out makes fund of "The girl". Much cleaner than the last one.

7:38: 2 Minute Warning. Poseidon: Boat sinks. People die, climb and crawl. They drown. Save your money.

Boy, I didn't know it was so hard to make razor blades. Now we have 5 razor blades. Is there such a thing as too many blades on a razor?

Another Desperate Housewife commercial. Hugh Hefner likes it. I guess th is is to convince us that manly men will watch a soap opera. Of course, I liked Falcon Crest, so I can't say much...

7:41: Review of the touchdown. Is the O a part of your life? Do you really care? Blah.

7:44PM This Walt Disney commercial isn't new. Very touching.

7:53 PM Time out. They skipped commercials three times. Amazing.

I'm going to make a seperate entry for Halftime another for a Second Half.

First Half Winners:

Ameriquest's "That Killed Him". Easily. No other serious contenders. Honorable mention: The sheep flasher from Budweiser was a distant second.

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