Monday, May 23, 2005

Light traffic this morning, and ditching SiteMeter

I woke up fairly early this morning, and noticed that everything inside the network was working OK, but I couldn't log in anywhere. OK, uptime's around 5 hours, so the storm must have knocked the Packrat Antique SuperComputing Complex™. Then I remembered that I'd never fixed the firewall's default route. Nothing in, nothing out.

Since around 12:30AM ET, no one could read Kentucky Packrat. If you were one of the insomniacs who missed reading me, I'm sorry. I've fixed the problem so it's won't reappear. I'm just impressed at the 21 people who were able to get in from between 12am and 12:30.

I've also been collecting my own statistics on visits (the joy of running your own web server), but I decided that I'd like a second opinion, so I signed up for SiteMeter. That was an exercise in futility. It cought my own visits, and maybe 5 or six others in a day, but everyone else coming in didn't even get counted. SiteMeter is now gone.

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