Sunday, May 22, 2005

Taking the bar down

One of the best "selling points" for our house has been the wet bar (sink, fridge, and bar) in our living room. The previous owner loved to entertain, and used his parties to help his sales career (he sold office furniture). We thought it'd be a nice little feature for the house, but there was one little problem: we never used it, unless you count me occasionally hanging the clean laundry from it.

Since they put the bar on top (!) of the carpet, we have to take the bar out either way before replacing the carpet down here with laminate. I wanted to keep some form of cabinet, but Milady kept vetoing each of my ideas, so eventually I figured out that we* weren't putting another cabinet back in there.

If we hadn't had a party over at the neighbor's house, I'd have had the rest of the bar out tonight, but I'll have it out tomorrow or Tuesday night. Then, the bar will sit for a week or so in the garage, and then spend the rest of its life in Milady's niece's new house, either as a kitchenette or as a ammunition reloading stand.

*Our next door neighbor has started calling me "we". He pointed out that, every time Milady has a new homemaking idea, she says that "we" are going to do it, and then I do it, so my name must have been changed to "We". He exaggerates, but Milady and I now laugh that "we" are going to do something.

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