Sunday, May 8, 2005

Melting servers, watching horses, and asking about home improvements

I thought my poor web server would melt this week. 4256 visits on Wednesday, 1660 on Thursday. Wowsers! :) If anyone's managed to stick around, welcome to the site.

I'll break one of LaShawn Barber's cardinal rules: don't blog about why you're not blogging. Boy, the Christian Carnival is difficult to put together. I loved the opportunity to read every article in advance, and if I hadn't had a killer Saturday last week, I probably would have taken twice as long reading as I did. :)

I didn't mind filling everyone's entry out, I just hate doing something more than twice on a computer without scripting it. I'd type (and cut & paste) an entry in on my web site, and then say "You know, I could make a database with all these entries in it, and then just spit these entries out. I could even make it rather intellegent..." If I'd thought of this idea 4PM Friday, I'd have worked on it. But 4AM on Wednesday morning isn't the time to start hacking, so I kept typing. :)

So I took off a couple of days off blogging, and then Friday, Milady and I helped her brother and his wife move in their new house. They got a hot tub as part of the deal, and I starting to covet. Then I remembered all the bills for all the work we've been doing to get the house fixed so far, and the urge to buy a hot tub just went away.

Saturday, we had one of Number One Son's friends over, and our neighbor (who's a horse trainer) had a small Derby party. Milady really loves me, and she proved it once again because she told me to buy Nutter Butters for the party. Nutter Butters helped me gain at least 10 of the pounds that I'm carrying today. I just LOVE those little sugar bombs.

It was neat to have our neighbors tell us about the people behind the Derby, and how the guy who trained today's winner really deserved the win, and details about the various people.

Anyone out there putting down laminate flooring? The carpet is getting nasty (too many animals have done their bodily functions on it), so it's leaving. I've got enough credit money left over from the windows & siding to buy the flooring, but not enough to actually pay a professional to do it. Milady is sure that this is a disaster waiting to happen, but I really want that table saw think I can do it. Am I crazy?

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