Monday, May 9, 2005

My furnace got its revenge

with the help of the cat box, no less.

I am very bad about changing the furnace filter. It's an odd size (18x20), so I have to get one of the cut-it-yourself filters. That usually means a special trip to Lowes or Home Depot. Our house is on a split level, and of course the furnace is under the floor in the one level. I don't fit well under that floor, and it's rare when I can avoid a scrape or cut trying to crawl over the large-gravel floor. I procrasinated all of April, since we barely ran the furnace or AC. However, May finds us needing the AC, so I finally crawled under the floor. I got to the furnace, put the replacement filter in, and got out without even the smallest of boo-boos. I had cracked the plastic cat box (accidentally grabbed it trying to crawl into the floor), so I grabbed a knife to cut off the sharp edges until I could buy a new box. Bad mistake. The knife slipped, and

cut about a 3mm deep gouge on my left index finger. It was a bleeder too.

I had to yell to Milady to get up to help me bandage the finger, since I couldn't stop the bleeding AND bandage it. (Did I mention this is all at 7AM? It keeps the rugrats and the pets (who are sleeping with said kids) from wanting to climb under the floor with me). I finally left for work with my entire hand covered in gauze and taped solid to keep me from bending it and restarting the bleeding.

I now have a rather angry-looking gash in my finger, fortunately from the clotted blood and not from infection, and a 3mm deep hole that likes to show itself.

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