Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Preparing for the Carnival - and buying boots

I haven't been ignoring you guys, it's just my week to do the Christian Carnival. I have a post sitting on the computer at work, half-done.

I promise. And the check is in the mail. :)

For the bloggers who read me, send your best Christian post of the week to ChristianCarnival@gmail.com by midnight Tuesday evening to see it in.

I have a singular fashion problem: I love to wear boots. I can live with brown boots, but black boots are better. And they have to be good boots. I'm sufficiently overweight right now that cheap imitation-leather or vinyl just won't cut it. It has to have a really good arch support (I'm flat footed too), and the material has to be a good quality. The last pair was a pair of Wolverines whose soles cracked into two pieces after around 9 months, and the suede leather was scuff-attractive instead of scuff-resistant. The black vinyl "manager's boots" I had the time before started cracking over the toes about 9 months as well, but I knew they weren't as good when I bought them.

This time, I got tough. I went over to the Gall's showroom in Lexington around closing time yesterday, and decided to get a good leather boot. Most of the ones they had had Gore-Tex fabric "bubbles" on the sides, and I didn't like that. Now this boot was an entirely different matter. It's made well, and is a quality boot without being too military. It's only fault is that it isn't steel toed, but I've never needed the steel toe in the last three boots. I'll just have to keep my feet out from under the computers.

Old computer geeks used to wear boots in case a mountain popped up in the middle of the machine room. Guess I'm ready for it too.

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