Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The end of Tivo, Broadcast, Satellite, and Cable as we know it.

The Mac Mini wasn't just an overblown rumor after all.

I want one. I want one NOW.

Jeff Harrell talks about Apple moving into "video iTunes" here on The Shape of Days, but there is an additional implication of the Mac Mini: it's the prototype for Apple's Video Appliance of the Future. You can buy the S-Video and Composite video adapter for the Mac Mini now. Add the H.264/AVC chip to this box, switch the audio out to digital, and a WiMax box on the roof talking to the 802.11n card in the Mac Mini 2 (or Satellite IP, or fast DSL, or IP-only cable, or....) , and you have the ultimate AV settop box. Give the thing away in return for a $30/month subscription for iCable for a year that includes your local station & basic showing commercials, and things get VERY interesting very quickly.

Wow. Jobs might actually pull it off.

Update: Sorry, Jeff, didn't notice that you posted the Movie Store post BEFORE the Mac Mini was announced when first typing the article, so I hit Send before I realized that I'd made a total fool of myself. I'm also usually not so much of a loser as to type the wrong name TWICE. Sorry.

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