Thursday, January 20, 2005

I know I should be posting, but enjoy these links instead

The last couple of nights, we haven't gotten to bed until almost midnight (so Milady could get a couple of hours of decompression time after homeschooling the little darlings), and I've been waking up at least once a night for either animal bathroom duty (our dog seems to have developed a pea bladder) or child wake-ups ("Mom, I can't get back to sleep"), and then up again at 6AM for my own bladder. Hit that for about a week in a row (I got up early all weekend for the new web server), and it feels like my brain is wanting to ooze out my ears. I think I'll save what little energy I have for work...

That said, here's some nice links I've found (and will be adding to the blogroll, if not already there). Cerberus tells us about police life in Some City. "Okay Rover, Time For Yer Booties!" and "Can't You Give Me a Break, Just This One Time?" are especially entertaining. The Policeman's Blog is a nice look at the reality of British law enforcement. (Thanks to suzanna at cut on the bias for the links.)

Professor Bainbridge has posted a nice letter from David Ragsdalee with some interesting thoughts on Dr. Rice as President in 2008.

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