Thursday, January 27, 2005

My brain hurts.

I was being lazy this morning, so I turned into the digital wasteland (9600s) of Dish Network, and got a scare. On Free Speech TV, there was a recruiting video documentary about Radical Cheerleading. I was amazed that so many people were stuck in their high school era.

High school sports, and especially high school cheerleading, is the Lord of the Flies on steroids. You go in, win some popularity contests and a few trophies, you're hot stuff, and then (unless you're one of the top 1% of athletes who can get a spot on a college team or go pro) you move on with your life.

These Radical Cheerleaders appear to be the people who either weren't cool enough to be cheerleaders in the first place and have never gotten over it, or were high-school cheerleaders and never grew up.

Protest debate always reminded me of my kids arguments for wanting a toy:

I want a toy.


I just do.

Do you need it?

I want it.

And so on for hours on end. I wonder if one person featured in the video I'd watched could carry their own ideas an hour in a gloves-off debate. But, boy do those skirts keep the evil agents of The Man policemen from harassing them so much... </sarcasm>

My only excuse is that the Big Joe Polka Show was on RFD-TV, and there is only so much brightness and sunniness I can stand that early in the morning....

UPDATE at 23:20: I've reread this, and it's pretty obvious that I need therapy to deal with my high school years... :) That said, I have NEVER liked the "Glory Days" thought process. Bruce Springsteen's song has the singer saying that high school was the height of his life. When I was in high school, I knew life would be better in college, and it was. In college, I thought life couldn't get better, and then I met my wife. :) Now, I love my kids, and I know my best times ahead. And then there's the New Jerusalem.

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