Saturday, January 8, 2005

Touched By An Angel - or at least talked to one

I wrote this entry in mid-2003. In my original (wimpy) attempt to blog, this was one of my only posts. Since I like it, I'm keeping it. I fixed the formatting, and the next-to-last paragraph was so bad I HAD to fix it..
Between the junior and senior years of my high school I was honored with the opportunity to attend the Kentucky Governor's Scholars Program at Western Kentucky University. It is a 5 week program where bright young kids stay on campus all 5 weeks & experience multiple educational experiences. Scholars were expected not to leave campus during the entire time of the program, except for leaving campus to attend local worship services.
For the first 3 weeks, I took the opportunity to sleep in on Sunday. The fourth week, I realized that I should go to church, and went to the Bowling Green Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) for Sunday worship. I don't remember coming in exceptionally early, and except for the usual "shake hands" session in the first part of the service, I didn't really interact with anyone.
During the service, a young family sat in front of me, joined by a person who appeared to be the children's grandmother. When the service ended, the older lady turned around and said, "It's good to see you back in church, <MYNAME>."
I have read my journal from that week, and studied my own memory. I don't think I introduced myself to anyone that morning. I certainly did not mention not having been to church with anyone there. She could not have known me before then, since the church I attended in that timeframe was so small I knew everyone by name (and was related to at least 1/3 of them). I believed then, and I still believe now, that there was no natural way that she could have known that I hadn't been to church.
I believe that either that lady was an angel, or that God used her to directly speak to me. I just wish that I had listened to God more during that time....

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