Monday, January 24, 2005

Unclean! Unclean!

Friday morning at 3AM, Number 1 daughter starts throwing up. We thought at first it might be a reaction to the antibiotic they gave her for her infantigo. We gave her some medicine that we had had for the "stomach virus" that turned into pneumonia for Number 1 son, and she got better. One more vomiting incident Saturday morning around 3AM, and she's fine.

Yesterday at my sister-in-law's, Milady looks at my neck and says, "You have a ringworm". Sure enough, I do. We think Number 1 daughter scratched a patch of her ringworm enough to get the infantigo, so I must have gotten it from her.

Last night at 8PM, Number 1 Son says, "I'm sick", and sure enough he throws up the Mexican food he'd eaten for lunch. Time for a dose for him. He's slept through the night.

The dog wakes me up at 4AM to go pee. I stay up a few minutes reading blogs, and then its my turn to make a deposit, which I've proceded to do about every 45 minutes since. The kids have run the last of the medicine out too, so Daddy gets to work it out the hard way (better than them being sick a minute longer, of course).

I should just have T-shirts made saying "Unclean". It'd be simpler.

Excuse me, I have to go now....

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