Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Calling murder mercy

I wish I could be witty. I wish I could be verbose. I wish I could even be rational. But I can't. The case of Terri Schindler-Schiavo simply makes me too mad.

This is the level our disrespect for life has sunk us to, America. Not "our society", not "some people", that's too dispersonal. That allows too much abstractness. It is OUR fault, America. We have become so enamoured with the concepts of comfort and convenience that we are allowing a man who has grown tired of a wife who's rich but of no use to him alive decide that she should be killed. We have grown so respective of the "right to choose" that we respect the choice to throw away life more than the right to keep life. We respect the word of a person desiring death over the right of another being to live what life she does have. There is no room for choice here, because Terri has been given no right to choose. Here only is the desire for death.

Let me be bold here: if the rule of law requires that Terri Schiavo die, then there is nothing Godly left in American law. The judges and lawyers in Florida cannot call it "their job" to help Mr. Schiavo. Nuremburg finished that excuse. Murder is murder, whether done by the thief with a stick or a person wearing judicial robes.

The Bible quotes the Lord many times saying that the Earth itself cries out to Him when justice is denied for murders. There is no way to spin Terri Schiavo as a case of choice, or as a right to die patient. Her husband is asking to murder her. America, do we have to allow the Earth to cry out for Terri too before we make a stand?

Please, go to terrisfight.org and find a way that you can take your stand.

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