Friday, February 18, 2005

What To Do To Help Terri

Janette Stripling of Common Sense Runs Wild has posted a nice summary of Florida officials who can be contacted. Please read this post to find out more.

In addition to the Florida officials, please contact the US Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales. The phone number for the Office of the Attorney General is 202-353-1555.

It is also important to call your Senators and your Representative. Go to the House web site to look up the local office for your representative, and go to the Senate web site for your senator's web site.

Send Email to both President Bush and Vice President Chaney.

Finally, email Governor Jeb Bush. As Doc Washburn says on a post on My Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, it is entirely possible that Governor Bush does not have the political will to protect Terri, but those of us both in-state and out must make it abundantly clear that this is about a woman's life, not his ability to maintain political cover.

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