Sunday, February 6, 2005

Went shooting

Because of Number 1 Son's lung problems, we didn't get to spend time with Milady's family for Christmas. For one reason or another, today was the first day we'd been back down to her homefront. Since Number 1 Son got a Rossi 410/.22 combo long gun for Christmas*, we hadn't had an opportunity to go shooting. We fixed this today, and then some. Milady's brother had a 50-year-old Remington pump-action 20 gauge that he was willing to sell to Number 1 son at cost, and Number 1 Son had enough Christmas money to buy it, so our gun storage area has yet another addition*.

Then we went to Milady's other brother's house. He helped us set up a target range behind his house, and then gave us a bunch of old cabbages and onions to shoot. I was better than ususal on the 9mm and my shotgun. Number 1 Son is amazingly accurate, hitting onions at 25 yards with his Rossi and his mother's Marlin .22 lever action.

We went through 100 9mms, a couple hundred .22s, and several 410s and 20s. And another shooter is starting his career. A very nice day.

*Of course, what I mean here is that the gun in question sits in my gun storage area, and is only used by Number 1 Son under controlled conditions. When Number 1 Son is 18, he can take legal possession of said gun.

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