Sunday, February 27, 2005

No excuses for not blogging, but a lot of reasons

Friday during the day, Judge Greer extended his order to March 18th. It's not a stay, but since it's not it may not even be appealable. Perhaps Judge Greer is turning a bit towards neutral. Please keep praying for her.

I had to work Friday night around 8PM, so I came home early and we went out to eat with the family. While we were out, we stopped by CompUSA to look at the Mac Mini. Our intention was to save a bit, and then buy it for Paula to use as the homeschooling computer at the kitchen table. Then she saw the Toshiba Satellite P35-S611. It is a bit on the luggable side, but it fits her needs for a "easily portable desktop computer". For a 10 pound laptop with 2 hour battery life, it fits its job as a portable desktop rather well. I just feel dirty that I've been such a Mac fan, yet "had" to buy a PC.

Saturday, the family did family things. Unless it's early Friday night/Saturday morning, I won't blog much. Gotta have one day for the family. :)

Finally, today, we went to see my parents and grandparents back on the farm. Number 1 son got to go out with grandpa and burn brush. After getting Government Approval and Requisite Permission Forms for doing so. Jefferson and Washington would be spinning in their graves to think that a person would have to have a permission form to burn a brush pile on their own land....

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