Monday, February 28, 2005

A normal, boring day

I went to work today, and attended an SAP class this morning. I went out to lunch at a chain Mexican restaurant that I didn't like as much as my companions. I read Email and worked this afternoon. This evening, we ate roast beef from a steer my father raised on the farm, with frozen corn on the cob (from the store) and mashed potatoes. Then we stoped by the ATM to get our food money for the month, and then went to Meijers to spend it. (Meijers sent us, and everyone else in the general area, a 10% off coupon, so I'm happy to give them free advertising. :) ). The kids stayed up past their bedtimes playing a while and watching a bit of news. I'm doing our first-of-the-month bills and blogging here.

This is hardly interesting of itself. It was a day like hundreds of others we have had. However, this day is nothing like the day one woman in Florida has had. Terri Schiavo cannot clearly speak, cannot get up and walk on her own, cannot either leave her room or express the desire t o do so. She can swallow some light food, but has been deprived of the opportunity to relearn how to eat a meal. She has been deprived of any therapy, of a sunny day outside, or a trip outside of the facility. She is confined to Hospice, despite not being in the process of dying.

You see, my normal day is a day that Terri Schiavo may die before she could experience it again. It's my prayer that that isn't true.

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