Sunday, February 6, 2005

Super Bowl (TM) winner

First half: The Mustang Commercial "Frozen in Fargo".

Honorable Mention:, even if the implications were all filthy. (Update: Forgot Budweiser's "Parachuting" is cute too.)

Wierdest: The Olympus dancers.

The game is a toss-up... Oh, well, back to the commercials game.

Second half: Definitely the "Thanking the Troops" Anheuser-Busch commercial.

Honorable mentions: Ameriquest "Killing the Cat", Mastercard's "Mascots", Verizon V-Cast "Get Little" and the post-game Cadillac "Elope".

I don't know which half the Ford Truck "Tougher than Bikers" was in, since I missed it first time around. It's funny.

Day's winner: "Thanking the Troops", with "Frozen in Fargo" second.

IMHO, not a great commercial night. Nothing even close to EDS's Cat Herding commercial.

And let's not even talk about the Eagles (lack of) coaching at the end of the game.

UPDATE 2: After finding the video link & rewatching it, wasn't satirical, just crude. I withdraw the Honorable Mention, and give it to Parachuting.

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