Wednesday, March 30, 2005

All I want is a couple days off

Yes, I'm a Huey Lewis fan... :)

I've been working for the Current Employer 6 months now, and I'd only taken 1 day of vacation, primarily because of Number 1 Son's illness consuming most of December. The whole family has been trucking along without much of a break since then (even homeschool started up at full speed in January), so by last week EVERYONE was tired. Current Employer requires that vacation be accumulated, but lets you keep it for up to 2 years (the Previous Employer would let you spend it ahead, but at December 31, it was gone no matter what), so I've finally saved up enough time to take a few days off.

The siding guy will be done today, excluding the 1 (!) piece of siding that Champion underordered, and I'll have screen doors at 1. I'm also going to be reattaching the Dish Network dishes in a few minutes. Somehow, my father and mother, who live about 40 miles out of Lexington, can get good TV reception with just rabbit ears, while we (who live much closer to all of the local towers) can't even get the locals with an outdoor antenna. Dish Network offered a cheap local-only package that lets us keep access to the pay-per-view movies and our Digital Video Recorder too, so Milady took it. We like to record our pay-per-views, and it's cheaper than our usual "rent it for two days, then forget to return it for two more" habits.

I even got my first silly comment yesterday (see this link). I considered deleting it, but then I realized that it was proof someone other than the search engines were reading me, and it helped my ego just a bit. It's sorta like when Johnny Fever had to be the early-morning guy on WKRP: "Is anybody really listening?" :)

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