Sunday, March 27, 2005

Lessons to learn from Terri Schindler Schiavo

Lord willing, Terri Schiavo may yet be saved, but it will now take a miracle from the Lord to do it. Some may say it's too early to talking about lessons to learn, but I have to disagree. There are a few things that we Christians must learn from this. This post will outline what I consider the most important, and then I'll come back with others as I have time to flesh them out.

First, and most importantly, do not be yoked unequally. Moses instructed the Jewish nation to not marry outside of the nation, to keep from being drawn away to other Gods. Solomon extols the virtues of a Godly spouse. Paul made it clear that Christians were only to marry other Christians. It is not possible to make it any clearer, yet time and time again Christians marry non-Christians and suffer for it. God gives us instructions for a reason: they work.

Based on the little information I can gather, I doubt that Michael Schiavo has any relationship with Jesus Christ. Even if we discount the evidence that Michael caused direct harm to Terri, it's clear that his opinions on the sanctity of life and marriage are drastically different than the one that the Schindlers hold, and the one the Schindlers believe Terri held.

Milady and I have had our share of marital troubles, and had we not both been Christians and both been completely dedicated to our marriage, we might well not be married now. We still have out disagreements, especially about politics, but we have a strong marriage because of our shared faith in God.

As parents it is important to help control who our children are around. Christians have accepted the lie that parents have little place in controlling who who their child hangs out with, dates, or marries. I remember the "anti-drug" commercials where the mother allows her child to go out with multiple face piercings, pseudo-Goth dress, etc.

Poppycock! It is a parent's job to set guidelines and help their children know who to hang around with and who would be good spouse material. If Michael Schiavo is as abusive as it has been alleged, then there were probably signs even before the marriage. Terri's mother should have been telling her oh-so-gently to leave him, and her father should have been giving Michael some completely-unsubtle signs to leave her alone.

The law and the courts are not our friend, and never will. Jesus told us to settle any dispute before you get to court. Paul pointed out that it was a shame on us and a shame on God for two Christians to face each other in public court. Christians, it's time for us to exit the court systems and use binding arbitration to settle our own disputes. Christian jurists, if you can't apply God's commandments to a ruling, you must recluse yourself or leave the bench. We must all keep striving for Christian laws, but realize that Satan is still the prince of this world (temporarily, praise God!), and that every tool of this world we can use for good, he can use for evil. We must rely on the Holy Spirit to make our fight in this world.

More points as I have time to blog.

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